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Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable provides robust accounting features to streamline your entire cash flow process and help you save money. With ERPro’s Accounts Payable, you can avoid duplicate invoices and late payments, require that invoices entered into the system be supported by purchase orders, and automatically take early-payment discounts. And when integrated with ERPro’s Purchase Order module, you have a complete vendor and purchasing system that will enhance your ability to manage your vendor base and valuable financial resources.

Instant Access to Vendor Information
Always have instant access to a vendor’s balance, open debit, available credit, and year-to-date and accumulated-to-date purchase totals while posting an invoice for the vendor.

Cheque Printing
ERPro has the ability to print cheques direct from the software. You can easily customize your own format using Crystal Report Designer.

Automated Prepayment Features
With the prepayment invoice entry feature, you can post advance payment transactions even before you receive a vendor’s invoice. ERPro automatically posts to prepayment accounts and handles the expense posting when the prepayment is applied to vendor invoices.

Automatic Warning of Duplication of Accounts Payable Invoices
If an Accounts Payable invoice with the same invoice number has already been created for a given vendor; an alert appears preventing the creation of duplicate invoices. Invoice look-up is also available during invoice posting to determine whether the vendor’s invoice is paid or outstanding.

Vendor Status
Drill down information displays the details of the vendor’s balance, showing the invoices, prepayments, payments and invoice distribution.

Flexible Multi-Currency 
You can accept different currency invoices from the same vendor. You can issue payment in other currency different than the Invoice’s currency. Realized gains or losses will automatically calculate.

One Step Settlement 
You can issue Invoice and Payment in one step to save much time and effort.

Payment Controls
Hold individual vendor accounts so transactions will not be paid.