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Bar Coding

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The ERPro Bar Coding module helps you increase speed and improve accuracy in the stock issue, return, and stock taking. Instead of time-consuming manual data entry, the data can be easily imported from the data collector and brought into ERPro for processing.

The ERPro Bar Code module coupled with Lightweight Handheld Barcode Data Collector, allow you to automate your inventory operations.


Stock issues and returns 

Bar code Labels are produced to represent physical stock and are attached to each inventory item. When a stock issue is required, the user simply selects the correct option on the data collector and scans the bar code attached to the item. Where inventory items are too small to carry a bar code, the user can simply scan them from a catalogue.

 The same scenario occurs when an item is returned to warehouse by selecting the relevant option on the data collector. When all stock movements are complete, the user is able to upload the information into ERPro.

 Stock taking

 The user can also use bar codes to take a physical count on the current stock position. Although ERPro automatically counts inventory numbers based on recorded stock movements, the user may wish to compare the physical stock count against the system to ensure that no items are missing.


Import Inventory Transactions
Inventory Stock In, Stock Out information is imported into Inventory Transaction Processing. Physical count information is imported into Inventory Adjustment Processing. Once imported, transactions can be edited and updated.

Bar Code Label Printing

Print Bar Code Labels from Stock-In Transaction.

Print Bar Code Labels by Quantity Entered