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ERPro Business Alert helps you manage your business more easily and effectively. You can identify any business-critical issues early and resolve them and exercise better control over your business.

ERPro Business Alert (BA) is an add-on module for NuTech ERPro Business information System. BA provides scheduling ability based on monitoring ERPro business information system for critical, time-sensitive information, send out alert emails or faxes with the most timely data.

For organization wish to realize the benefits of alert messaging across some or all of them, BA is the answer. Integrating with NuTech ERPro, BA provides you with a solution that is guaranteed to grow along with your business.

BA supports scheduling and email delivery of all ERPro’s Email Reports, Crystal Reports, WebViewer‘s Result Pages, as well as user-definable queries. Email recipients can view the Email as an attachment or HTML format without having to connect to ERPro.

BA can send email to alert about any conditions in application data.

This includes (but not limited to):

  • Customers; with Receivable Balance over $10,000

  • Customers; with Receivable Balance over Credit Limit

  • Inventory; On hand qty below safety stock

  • Inventory; Qty Available below reorder point

  • Outstanding AR Invoices with over due more than 90 days

  • Outstanding AP Invoices with discount date within the coming 7 days.

BA's benefit doesn't end with sending alerts about critical application data.  BA also provides your organization with the ability to schedule and generate frequently-needed reports, such as:

  • Sales Analysis by Customer

  • Sales Analysis by Invoice

  • Inventory Aging Report

  • Reorder Item Report

  • Stock Balance Report

  • AR Aging Summary

  • AP Aging Summary

You can schedule the ERPro report to distribute to any email address or Fax Number in a regular basis, including:

  • Every few hours

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

ERPro Business Alert Features and Benefits

Easy access to all ERPro Data

  • Receive alerts about any critical values and events in any area of your business.

  • Get notifications by e-mail, no matter what e-mail system you are using.

  • Receive alerts and notifications directly in your e-mail box without searching for data.

  • Replace setup, printing, and reading of reports with notifications and alerts.

Alert Setup in a few steps

Use easy to-use BA Wizard to define the source of information (including ERPro Report, webpage and pre-defined Query), the conditions to filter the business data and the recipients including email and fax number step-by-step.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling Schedule requests to run every few hours, daily, weekly, or monthly. Scheduling repetitive tasks means that less administrative overhead is consumed, thereby reducing your overall cost.

Enhanced Mobility

You can obtain your reports from anywhere, anytime. BA will send your reports to any email address as well as any fax number regardless there is ERPro client installed.

Increased System Performance

Configure BA to run on a separate machine from the user machine to reduce the work load of generating time-consuming reports.